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Welcome to the Structure Of Thought WISDOM Training Program…

Designed to provide you with every possible resource for internalizing these skills
so they become a part of your everyday behaviors.

The Gold And Platinum Packages contain:

4 lessons, 4 Live Q&A sessions, 4 Neuro-Imprinting™ sessions, 4 Sleep Session™…
along with interactive quizzes, worksheets and cheat-sheets.

In order for you to receive the greatest benefit from this program, we are time
releasing the content in a specific order.

A few days after each lesson is released (ensuring you have had time to listen), we will provide you with the supporting materials including: the corresponding Neruo Imprinting Session™ + Sleep Session™, Worksheet and quiz on the lesson’s material.

When each new section becomes available we will send you an email.

The Live Q&A calls will be held at 8pm EST on the following days (see below). You will receive an email before the calls with a link to register  and to submit any
questions if you can’t attend live.

Platinum members Only: After the first lesson is complete, we will send a link allowing you to schedule your first of two 30 minute 1-on-1 calls with Kenrick. You will use the same link to schedule your second 30 minute 1-on-1 call.

To get started… Click on the Lesson One link below and download the Introduction audio.

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